U10’s Joint Winners at Wallingford

Wallingford Wildcats Festival.
3rd February 2018.
Wallingford Sports Ground, Hithercroft Road, Wallingford.

TEAM B – Joint Winners (with Team C)

Oxford B looked a very strong squad on paper, this proved also to be the case on the astro as the team gave an excellent display across the whole day.
We started out with what turned out to be our hardest group match, against Oxford A, a group of players we train with every week and are very familiar with. We managed to come out on top in a very close contest, by just a single goal. Both teams performed incredibly well with good attacking and defending on either side.
We went on to play 3 Wildcat teams and a team from Thame and the level of performance was very high, we scored at least 4 goals in each game and showed some really strong team play. Particular highlights include Ben & Georgia combining beautifully down the right wing, interchanging, supporting each other. Sam and Diarmuid making strong over-lapping runs and scoring hatfuls of goals. TJ & Anna worked tirelessly in a number of different positions, adapting to different needs as the team needs changed. In goal Thea wasn’t called upon very often, but when she was she showed herself up to the task and cleared with confidence and decisiveness.
In spite of some dominant performances the team kept working hard weren’t prepared to let the opposition back into the matches, this was exemplified by some excellent last ditch defending by James, who single handedly held up 2 or 3 really good attacking moves by the opposition.
Our defences were only breached once, from a penalty corner, which only served to make the team work harder in defence.
The only disappointing moment was when the (very) loud B’s coach tried to get his substitute to take a quick sideline ball, repeatedly and noisily. Thankfully for the spirit of the day the players were more switched on than the coach!! (Well done James & Georgia!!)

After topping our pool we met and despatched yet another Wildcat team in the semi-final, in the manner of our group matches, setting up a final against our remaining clubmates (Oxford C).

In what proved to be an excellent, nailbiting final (for the coaches and parents if not the players), B’s probably had the edge in terms of attacking play, forcing a number of good saves from Amelie in C’s goal, but in the end neither team could break the deadlock and the honour was shared.
The B’ showed great attacking intent in every game they played, 20+ goals in the day was an outstanding reward for this.

In all a great day for the club as we saw some really great play in attack and defence and all the coaches agreed that we our teams really did perform as TEAMS!

TEAM C – Joint Winners (with Team B)

Oxford C had a solid defence with Jens and Anita covering the circle and our rock Amelie in goal, all three working well together to hold on to a clean sheet!
The mid field was equipped with Ross and Seruban covering a lot of ground to ensure our forwards B and Raffy were able to stay forward, we saw some great passing around the oppositions goal produce some excellent goal finishing techniques. Team C made it through to the final only to face our own Oxford B team. Unfortunately the crowd were not able to see a goal being score be either team. So in true club spirit Team B and C walked together in 1st place after demonstrating some great hockey


Only lost 1 match and that was against our own club (Steves Team) Team A couldn’t of done anymore, the match was so close and very exciting .. excellent defending from Ella Hooper, Sammy and Florence kept the goal out of the D right to the very last minute, it was only until Steve team put their “Golden Nugget” on the pitch to which clinched it for them.

Not deterred from their disappointment of that loss and with some fantastic passing from Elle D and Sophie Litchfield combined with Jay and Ashwin throwing themselves passionately into every opportunistic pass that came their way with some great goals from Sammy they went on to win 3 Matches and Draw 1 .

It came down to who was going through to the semi finals Wallingford or Team A, It was so tight, coming right down to goal difference..However sadly Team A had to miss out on the Semis this time around.

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